May 25, 2012
"The Snapback hat is said to have been around since the mid-1900s.[1] It does not have a specific origin, though it contains many features of the distinguished Baseball hat as well as the perpetual ceremonial hat (given to players at champion trophy presentations). In 1954 Ball players in the US adapted the new-modeled snap hat, which had a rim that was flat instead of bent (Baseball hat) as a part of their uniform. It became more and more trendy in fashion, which eventually led to teams embedded their colors on the hats. Snapbacks were produced and sold in the 80’s by an unknown hat maker who owned the majority of the snapback business then and controlled the popular designs. Rapper and hip-hoppers like Tupac Shakur, DrDre and Ice Cube during the early 90’s were advertising snapbacks and increased its trend through their album covers and music videos and movies. Today it’s worn by all kinds of people, in fashion and as part of various players merchandize contracts; though demanded part of any sports uniform.[2]"

Snapback (hat) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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